Aiiman Smart Invest Portfolio – Growth



The Fund seeks to achieve capital appreciation over medium to long-term period.

Fund Category Mixed Assets (Fund-of Funds)
Launch Date 5 October 2021
Base Currency MYR
Investors’ Profile This Fund is suitable for investors who:-

·       seek capital growth;

·       have a medium to long-term investment horizon; and

·       have a high risk tolerance.

Investment Strategy


In line with its objective, the investment strategy of  the Fund is to invest in a diversified portfolio of Islamic CIS that will provide capital growth through exposure into global markets.
To offer investment diversification, the selection of Islamic CIS will be made based on the geographical and asset class focus to broaden the investment reach. Through its investment into Islamic CIS, the Fund will provide you with access into Shariah-compliant equities listed in global markets, as well as access into Shariah-compliant fixed income instruments such as sukuk, Islamic money market instruments and Islamic deposits, issued globally. We will look towards growth portfolio by holding optimal exposure into both equities and fixed income instruments respectively. Exposure into equities are generally considered to be able to provide higher returns as compared to fixed income instruments thus exposing you to relatively higher risk that comes with equity investments. However, the Fund will also have exposure in fixed income instruments, which are generally considered to be of lower risk, and the optimal allocation is aimed at managing the overall volatility of the Fund.
In this respect, we take an active investment strategy in terms of its asset allocation, and geographical allocation decision. However, once a decision is made with regard to the actual allocation, the Fund will take a more passive stance by holding on to investments it already owns. Nevertheless, we will hold the flexibility to actively shift its asset and geographical allocation should it deem necessary based on the prevailing market conditions.
We may place the uninvested portion of the Fund in liquid assets such as Islamic money market instruments and/or Islamic deposits. However, we may also take temporary defensive positions that may be inconsistent with the Fund’s principal strategy by holding up to all of the Fund’s NAV in Islamic money market instruments and/or Islamic deposits in attempting to respond to adverse conditions that could negatively impact the financial markets.
Islamic Derivatives
The Fund may employ Islamic derivatives such as Islamic foreign currency towards, Islamic cross currency swaps and other Islamic derivatives that are approved by the Shariah Adviser for hedging purposes. These instruments may be used to hedge the principal and/or the returns of the foreign-currency denominated investments back to the base currency. While the hedging strategy will assist with mitigating the potential foreign exchange losses by the Fund, any potential foreign exchange gains from the hedging strategy will be capped as well.
Cross Trades Policy 
We may conduct cross trades between funds which it is currently managing provided that all criteria imposed by the regulators are met. Notwithstanding the above, cross trades between the personal account of our employee and the Fund’s account(s) between our proprietary trading accounts and the Fund’s account(s) are strictly prohibited. Compliance with the criteria are monitored by the the Compliance Unit, and reported to the compliance and risk management committee, to avoid conflicts of interests and manipulation that could have a negative impact on investors.
Asset Allocation
  • A minimum of 95% of the Fund’s NAV will be invested in Islamic CIS; and
  • A maximum of 5% of the Fund’s NAV in Islamic money market instruments and/or Islamic deposits.
Minimum Initial Investment MYR 100
Minimum Additional Investment MYR 100
Minimum Units Held 200 Units
Distribution Policy The Fund is not expected to make distribution. However, incidental distribution may be declared whenever is appropriate.

Sales Charge per Unit Nil
Annual Management Fee Up to 1.80% per annum of the NAV of the Fund.
Annual Trustee Fee Up to 0.045% per annum of the NAV of the Fund (excluding foreign custodian fees and charges).
Transfer Fee Nil
Switching Fee


The Manager does not impose any switching fee. However, if the amount of sales charge of the fund (or class) that the Unit Holder intends to switch into is higher than the sales charge imposed by the fund (or class) being switched from, then the difference in the sales charge between the two (2) funds (or classes) shall be borne by the Unit Holder. 
Repurchase Charge 3.00% on the NAV per Unit.