Compliance Framework

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AIIMAN’s Operational Risk Management (ORM) policy ensure that the business of the Company is conducted with integrity and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements as well as the statements of best practice. This policy provides an integrated platform and disciplined approach to manage, control, and mitigate the various risks associated with the fund management business of the Company.

This policy sets the operational risk dimensions and broad ORM framework which includes the foundation, risk mitigation programme, and monitoring tools and mechanisms. This policy is aimed at minimising operational risk, compliance risk, and portfolio risks that encompasses market risk, credit risk, reclassification of Shariah status risk and country risk:


It spells out the operational risk governance framework, risk definitions and operational risk policies.

Risk Mitigation Programme

It includes a comprehensive system of internal controls, a global insurance programme and business continuity management.

Monitoring Tools and Mechanisms

These include self-assessment, risk event management and reporting, key risk indicators (KRI) and risk analysis and reporting.