Investment Philosophy

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AIIMAN’s investment philosophy is to deliver positive and absolute returns performance through different economic-cycles for our clients. We stress the importance of investing based on a total return approach.

We invest according to our convictions and this encompasses our stock selection, fixed income securities selection, and asset allocation decisions. We subscribe to the philosophy of investing in what we know and are guided by fundamental and valuation factors.

Our Investment Approach

AIIMAN believes that investment performance is achieved through a skillful balance of experience, knowledge and adaptability. This is necessary to achieve a consistent increase in investment performance and superior value add.

Our investment philosophy is premised on delivering absolute return performance. We define absolute return performance as, delivering positive performance through various market conditions (and not merely outperforming the benchmark).


We invest only in stocks/companies which we have researched and studied, and have the four principles:

Our philosophy and approach are backed by sound, tried and tested processes:

Process for investment in Equities

Process for investment in Fixed Income