For the likes of high net worth individuals and corporate investors, we understand that flexibility in asset allocation and liquidity is important. That is why our wholesale segment encompasses a wide array of products that offers investors – such as yourself – the exposure to sophisticated asset classes and structures.


Professionally Managed

You can take comfort that your unit trust investments are managed by a team of full-time professionals who treat all funds like their own. They are dedicated to managing and maximising opportunities for your benefit.

Focused Investment Opportunities

The flexibility in investment structure such as portfolio concentration risk under the wholesale fund guideline allows investors to capitalise on more focused opportunities and assets.


One of wholesale fund’s greatest benefits is liquidity. You can redeem your investments in part or in full as and when you choose.


Choose how you’d like for us to reach you. You can opt to have our sales personnel contact you, or you may also visit any one of our participating banks and agencies that distribute our funds.