Affin Hwang Aiiman Growth Fund



To achieve consistent capital appreciation over the medium to long term by investing in equities and other approved investments which harmonise with Islamic philosophy and laws.

Fund Category Islamic Equity Fund
Launch Date 08 October 2002
Investors’ Profile The Fund is suitable for you if you are:-

  • a medium to long-term investors;
  • risk tolerant; and
  • seeking higher returns than the benchmark on your investments that comply with Shariah requirements.
Investment Strategy The Fund will focus on achieving its objective by investing a minimum of 70% of the Fund’s NAV into Shariah compliant equities and the remaining will be invested in Islamic money market instruments, Shariah-based deposits, and/or held in cash.

The investment selection process will be focused on companies that are able to provide growth potential over the medium to long term investment horizon. As such, we would adopt a top-down and bottom-up strategy investment approach to identify investment opportunities in the prevailing market. Fundamental analysis will also be carried out to determine the attractiveness of investment ideas. Key factors which are useful in identification of such companies would include sales and profit growth, financial strength and gearing levels, expected future earnings growth, share price valuation as well as management quality.

To maintain liquidity, the Fund will invest into Islamic money market instrument and/or make placement of Shariah-based deposits with financial institutions. The Fund will also have the flexibility to hold exposure in Shariah-compliant warrants as well as Shariah-compliant collective investment schemes that have similar investment objectives to the Fund.

Temporary Defensive Position
We may take temporary defensive measures that may be inconsistent with the Fund’s principal strategy, and asset allocation to protect the Fund against adverse market conditions. To manage the risk of the Fund, we may shift the Fund’s focus into lower risk investments such as Islamic money market instruments and/or Shariah-based deposits.

Policy on Active and Frequent Trading of Securities
We take an active trading policy where we look to maintain some core holdings that are held over the medium to long term which is similar to a buy and hold strategy. We will also maintain a trading portion for the portfolio, which we use to take advantage of beneficiaries during prevailing market conditions with the aim of boosting the Fund’s performance.

Asset Allocation
Asset Class % of the Fund’s NAV
Equities Minimum 70%
Islamic money market instruments, Shariah based deposits and/or cash Maximum 30%
Minimum Initial Investment MYR1,000
Minimum Additional Investment MYR100

Sales Charge per Unit
Distributors Maximum Sales Charge as a percentage of the NAV per Unit of the Fund*
IUTA 6.50%
Internal distribution channel of AHAM 5.50%
Unit trust consultants 5.50%

*Investors may negotiate for a lower charge.

The Sales Charge for investors purchasing Units through the EMIS shall be limited to a maximum charge of 3% of the NAV per Unit or as determined by the EPF.

Annual Management Fee Up to 1.50% of the NAV of the Fund per annum
Trustee Fee / Custodian fee Up to 0.07% of the NAV of the Fund per annum, subject to a minimum of RM 18,000 per annum (excluding foreign custody fees and charges.)
Transfer Fee MYR 5.00 per transfer
Switching Fee Nil
Performance Fee and Hurdle Value Not Applicable
Repurchase Charge Nil