Choosing the right fund for you from the multitude of products could be a daunting task. To help simplify this process, we have taken the extra step and care in designing our retail unit trust funds to be straightforward, long-term performance-focused without sacrificing on quality. In short, our retail unit trust funds are meant to be evergreen medium to long-term investments, which allow you to accumulate, preserve and multiply your wealth.

Our products are tailored to suit differing profiles and changing needs. As such, our wide range of offerings feature local and regional-focused unit trust funds from different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, a mix of stocks and bonds, commodity, property (via Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT) as well as Islamic assets.



Professionally Managed

Investors who are strapped for time and resources can take comfort that your unit trust investments are managed by a team of full-time professionals who treat all funds like their own. They are dedicated to managing and maximising opportunities for your benefit.

Spreading Risks

The diversified nature of unit trusts allows you to spread your investment risks as your money is pooled with the other investors with similar objective to purchase assets. Such diversification translates to less concentration risk and more stable performance.


One of unit trusts’ greatest benefits is liquidity. You can redeem in part or in full as and when you choose.


Thanks to the pooled investment concept of unit trust funds, you can invest in a wide array of assets and across different regions at a low capital outlay. The minimum initial investment starts from RM 1,000 and the minimum additional investment, at RM 100.


You can choose how you want us to reach you. You can opt to have our sales personnel to reach out to you, or you can visit any one of our sales offices or participating banks and agencies that distribute our funds.

In addition, you can also sign up for our SmartSave Plan, a convenient auto-debit plan for hassle-free regular investing.