1. What is Investment Zakat payment service?
The Investment Zakat payment service is an initiative by AIIMAN Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“AIIMAN”) to help investors calculate and pay zakat on their Investments (with AIIMAN only) to Lembaga Zakat Selangor (“LZS”). Meanwhile, for investments in other fund management and/or financial institutions, it is the responsibility of the respective investor to fulfil his/her Investment Zakat obligation on the assets.
2. How do you register/subscribe for the Investment Zakat payment service?
Investors will need to complete the Investment Zakat payment service form provided by AIIMAN.
3. Do I need to submit the Registration Form for Zakat Payment every year?
No. Investor only need to submit the Registration Form for Zakat Payment only once and this request shall be valid until the Investor submit the notice to discontinue with the Zakat payment services to AIIMAN.
4. Is there any fee for the Zakat payment services?
No. Investor shall not incur any charges for these services.
5. What are the types of investments taken into account in the payment of Investment Fund Zakat?
The types of investments that shall be taken into account in the payment of Investment Zakat are individual single investment accounts in any Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad (“Affin Hwang AM”) and AIIMAN Shariah Compliant Fund and opened under cash plan with AIIMAN only.
The Investors shall be responsible for fulfilling the zakat obligations for joint accounts by themselves.
Investment accounts opened using funds from the Employee Provident Fund (“EPF”) or investment accounts established under the Private Retirement Scheme (“PRS”) are exempted from Zakat calculations.
6. Can any individual investor combine the Shariah compliant investment accounts opened with Affin Hwang AM and AIIMAN for the purpose of Investment Zakat calculation?
Individual investors cannot combine Shariah compliant investment accounts opened both in Affin Hwang AM and AIIMAN for the purpose of investment Zakat deductions.
7. How much is the Nisab for Investment Zakat calculation?
The Nisab for Investment Zakat is 85 grams of gold based on the gold market price determined by the LZS.
8. What is the Rate of Investment Zakat?
The rate of Investment Zakat is 2.5%.
9. What are the amount eligible for the purpose of the Zakat Investment?
2.5% of the total investment value (subject to reaches Nisab and Haul) as at 31 October every year will be redeemed for the purpose of Zakat payment. The formula of the Zakat calculation is in accordance with the fatwa (shariah ruling) issued by Jawatankuasa Fatwa Negeri Selangor (Majlis Agama Islam Selangor) pursuant to Section 47 of the Enactment of the Islamic Administration (State of Selangor) 2003, Volume 64 No.7, Item 4 vis-à-vis Method of Zakat Assessment that was gazetted on 31 March 2011.
10. How do you calculate Investment Zakat?
The method of calculation of Investment Zakat has been agreed upon as follows between AIIMAN and LZS as follows:

Investment Zakat = Total Final Amount of Account Balances x Zakat Rate (2.5%)
11. What is the Assessment Method of Investment Zakat used by AIIMAN?
The calculation of Investment Zakat is based on total amount of eligible account balance of the investor as at 31st of October each year. The annual 31st October date was chosen to allow Investors to make adjustments at the end of the year (“December”) to prevent the zakat for same account being paid twice.
12. What is the criteria for a Investor’s Investment Account to be assessed for Investment Zakat?
Table below depicted the criteria of account eligible to be assessed for Investment Zakat:

Scenario Investment Account Opened Before the Year of Assessment Investment Account Opened During the Year of Assessment Assessment Eligibility
1 Yes No All investment accounts shall be assessed
2 Yes Yes All investment accounts shall be assessed
3 No Yes All investment accounts shall not be assessed
13. Will investor accounts that have been frozen be assessed with Investment Zakat?
No. Investors are wholly responsible for fulfilling their Investment Zakat obligations for assets that have been frozen.
14. How do investors know the Investment Zakat payment process for the current year of assessment?
Investors shall receive the first short message text (“SMS”) from AIIMAN 14 days before the 31st October.
Subsequently, investors shall receive a second short message text 14 days after the 31st October, informing them of the investment zakat payment deduction for the current year of assessment.
15. How can investors view the status of investment zakat deduction at LZS?
Investors can check the status and zakat payment record, upload and save the zakat payment deduction at LZS by registering for free at https://ezo.zakatselangor.com.my/
16. Can investors choose to make their own zakat payments after AIIMAN have calculated the amount of investment zakat to be paid?
No. The payment of investment zakat is fully managed by AIIMAN after investor has agreed to the services by signing the Registration Form for Zakat Payment.
17. Will investors who pay investment fund zakat be eligible for tax rebates?
Yes, they are eligible. Investors who make investment fund zakat payment via AIIMAN shall get a tax rebate from the Inland Revenue Board (“LHDN”).
18. Does the Investment Zakat Payment Service has an expiry date?
No, there is no expiry date for the Investment Zakat Payment service. If investors want to terminate this service, he/she shall give notice in writing to AIIMAN at any time before the 30th of September to inform them of the termination of the Investment Zakat service.