Affin Hwang Aiiman Select Income Fund



The Fund seeks to provide investors with regular income stream through Shariah-compliant investments.

Fund Category Mixed asset (Conservative) Fund
Launch Date 1 March 2013
Investors’ Profile This Fund is suitable for investors who:-

  • expect to receive regular income* distribution;
  • have a moderate risk appetite;
  • expect incidental growth in capital; and
  • want an investment that complies with Shariah requirements.

* Income distribution will either be made in the form of Units or in cash.

Investment Strategy The Fund will focus on achieving its objectives by investing in a diversified portfolio consisting a minimum 60% of its NAV in Sukuk and Islamic money market instruments, a maximum 40% of its NAV in Shariah-compliant equities and the remaining of its NAV in cash and Islamic deposits with financial institutions.

The Fund may employ Shariah-compliant derivative investments for hedging purposes by participating in instruments such as forward exchange contracts, and cross currency swaps.

We have the option to take temporary defensive measures that may be inconsistent with the Fund’s principal strategy and asset allocation to protect the Fund against adverse market conditions. To manage the risk of the Fund, we may shift the Fund’s focus into lower risk investments such as Islamic deposits with financial institutions or Islamic money market instruments. Similarly, we may also look at investing into assets that are negatively correlated to the main strategy of the Fund, such as inverse Shariah-compliant exchange traded funds.

Asset Allocation The Fund asset allocation range is as follows:-

Asset Class % of the Fund’s NAV
Sukuk and Islamic Money Market Instruments 60% to 100%
Shariah-compliant equities 0% to 40%
Cash and Shariah-compliant deposits The remaining balance of the Fund’s NAV
Minimum Initial Investment RM1,000
Minimum Additional Investment RM100

Sales Charge per Unit Up to 3.00% of the Fund’s NAV
Annual Management Fee Up to 1.20% of the NAV of the Fund per annum
Trustee Fee / Custodian fee RM5.00 per transfer
Transfer Fee Up to 0.08% of the NAV of the Fund per annum (excluding foreign sub-custodian fees and charges)
Switching Fee Nil
Performance Fee and Hurdle Value Nil
Repurchase Charge Nil