Affin Hwang Aiiman Balanced Fund



To achieve reasonable returns in both income and capital growth over a medium to long term period by investing in a wide portfolio of authorised securities and other investments which complies with Shariah principles.

Fund Category  Islamic Balanced
Launch Date 11 November 2001
Investors’ Profile This Fund is suitable for you if you:-

  • seek a portfolio of investments that complies with Shariah requirements;
  • are willing to accept moderate risk.
Investment Strategy The Fund seeks to maximise total returns by providing a combination of income, if any, and capital appreciation, if any, by investing in Shariah-compliant equities, Shariah-compliant equity linked instruments, Sukuk and Islamic money market instruments.

The Manager may invest in Shariah-compliant collective investment schemes that hold similar investment objectives to the Fund’s investment objective.

To meet its objective, the Fund will also look at investing into Shariah-compliant equity linked instruments such as rights and Shariah-compliant warrants, as well as unlisted securities. The Fund may invest up to 20% of its NAV in countries where the regulatory authorities are the ordinary or associate members of the International Organisation of Securities Commission (IOSCO).

Asset Allocation
Asset Class % of the Fund’s NAV
Shariah-compliant equities & Shariah-compliant equity linked instruments 40% to 60%
Sukuk and Islamic money market instruments 40% to 60%
Minimum Initial Investment  MYR200
Minimum Additional Investment MYR100

Sales Charge per Unit Up to 5.50% of the NAV per Unit of the Fund.
Investors may negotiate for a lower charge.The Sales Charge for investors purchasing Units through the EMIS shall be limited to a maximum charge of 3% of the NAV per Unit or as determined by the EPF.
Annual Management Fee Up to 1.50% per annum of the NAV of the Fund.
Trustee Fee / Custodian fee Up to 0.08% per annum of the NAV of the Fund.
Transfer Fee MYR 5.00 per transfer
Switching Fee Nil
Performance Fee and Hurdle Value Not Applicable
Repurchase Charge  Nil